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News 3 February, 2018
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    Claire Brochu enjoying the freedom that gives him his new job.

    Martine Turenne

    Saturday, February 3, 2018 01:00

    Saturday, February 3, 2018 01:00

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    Claire Brochu has had several professional lives before that of a management coach that she relishes in this moment at the dawn of the sixties.

    During the first 15 years of her career, Laval has worked in human resources for companies in services and manufacturing.

    “I felt that I was capped, then I switched towards the care of the aesthetic,” she says. I had no degree and I went back to school. “She loved the idea of taking care of people, create make-up. She launched her salon.

    “This is where I have taken a liking to being my own boss,” said Ms. Brochu.

    Then, after three years at the head of his own small business, a separation and two young children in shared custody are forcing it to review its plans.

    At the age of 37, she returned to the human resources departments.

    Then, in the fifties, a new professional crisis hits. “That is what I am doing ? Is it that I’m happy ? Is it that my work fills me ? “

    new passion

    “Taste of coaching came to me by an acquaintance,” says Claire Brochu.

    She took a course while working full-time. The children grew up, and the reconciliation is much easier. “I developed a passion for the development of the potential of people. “

    At the same time, his career takes a turn. “I’ve accepted another job, as a director of a lab drug that had more than 250 unionized employees. “

    She puts into practice her new skills in coaching.

    Then, a new rush one new change.

    “The company has sold one of its divisions. There were only 60 employees, and they no longer had need of my services. I left my job at the end of may 2012. My mother was sick and I wanted to take a few months to take care of her. “

    Claire Brochu is in the mid-fifties. “It is an advanced age for finding a job,” says the human resources specialist who knows a piece on the subject.

    Long wait

    “I’ve spent job interviews ! Either it doesn’t work for me or for the employer. I know what many think of people over the age of 50 ! How many times I’ve heard myself say : is what they are going to cost us dear ? Is it that they will always be sick ? Can they adapt to new ways of working ? “

    It was then that the idea of putting oneself in his or her account has begun to germinate in his head. Why not start in his other passion, coaching ? “I installed a desk in one of the rooms of my children, now adults. I put my computer, printer… and I waited for the phone to ring. “

    There have been months of food shortage. And moments where Claire Brochu, a little discouraged, was looking downright a job.

    “There were for months more tight,” she says. I have learned to save, really. I’ve always loved beauty products. I was waiting for now to arrive at the bottom of my bottles before going to buy more ! “

    But she did not let go. Every morning, she was up at 6: 30 a.m. and sitting in front of his computer an hour later. Even if it had nothing to do.

    “It took four years before it rolls,” she said. It was necessary for me to do networking, even though I’m not a person who gets ahead, who gives his business card to everyone. I had never had the need. And there was the mouth-to-ear. People have loved their experience, they called me back, or me recommended. “

    She loves the quality of life that gives it its status as a contractor. “You are your own boss, you make your schedule as you wish. I can work a weekend and take off the following Tuesday. But also, it gives me a lot, both on a professional and personal level. “

    The next step ? Perhaps acquire a new expertise in coaching… for 50 years and more !