Oxfam must “react quickly and decisively”

News 11 February, 2018
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    Sunday, 11 February 2018 15:37

    Sunday, 11 February 2018 15:40

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    The leaders of Oxfam need to be more proactive in the management of the crisis related to the hiring of prostitutes in Haiti if they want to preserve the image of the organization, said Jean-Pierre Charbonneau.

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    The former mp and journalist knows something : he has chaired the board of Oxfam-Quebec from 1992 to 1994, while the organization was rocked by a scandal over the spending of employees.

    Information released Friday indicated that officials of Oxfam, a mission to Haiti in 2011 to help the country after the earthquake, had hired young prostitutes local.

    For Mr. Charbonneau, the important thing is that the directors of Oxfam in England are reacting “quickly and decisively” and that they do not compromise on the explanations that must be given.

    In an interview with LCN, it was felt that the officials of the branch of quebec of the organization must come out publicly to assure citizens that she has nothing to apologize for and denounce the actions committed.

    “It remains that we are part of the confederation Oxfam international. For many people, when they hear the word Oxfam, they think of us, he raised. There’s a kind of confusion and people make associations inevitable.”

    Oxfam-Quebec, which he described as “a jewel of international cooperation” in the province, is not in the shelter of a scandal, ” remarked Mr. Charbonneau.

    “It could be one of our employees. We would have prevailed, but it would have taken us too much at this time to give explanations,” he mentioned giving the example of sex scandals revealed during the last few months.

    The present crisis that affects the non-governmental organization (NGOS) should not, however, long-term, cause a crisis of confidence in Oxfam, whether in Quebec or in the world, believes Mr. Charbonneau.

    “People have a certain level of maturity; they know, even in their own lives, that there is never anything perfect. The important thing is that they are convinced that the people of Oxfam-Quebec will not have to do with it and that Oxfam-England will do what we need quickly.”