Package of hate in the islamic Center: “this is shocking,” said Mohamed Labidi

News 20 July, 2017
  • Photo By Nicolas Lachance
    The president of the islamic cultural Centre of Quebec, Mohamed Labidi, with a picture of the package hate.

    Nicolas Lachance

    Wednesday, 19 July 2017 12:41

    Wednesday, 19 July, 2017 13:57

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    The political leaders, Justin Trudeau and Philippe Couillard, have denounced with one voice, Wednesday, the message of hate delivered in the great mosque of Quebec.

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    “It’s shocking ! “said the president of the islamic cultural Centre of Quebec, Mohamed Labidi, saddened, during an interview with The Journal.

    Last Friday, the leaders of the great mosque of Quebec have received a package by mail, which carried a message very surly.

    Photo By Nicolas Lachance

    “You’re looking for a plot to bury your dirty carcasses ? So, here is a perfect place for you. It’s going to feel the pig anyway “, was it shown on a picture hog. At the top of this publication, there was also a qur’an is damaged, on which the name of Allah was torn, which represents the affront ultimate for this community.

    “It gives us the courage to work against islamophobia, racism and xenophobia “, said Mr Labidi, saying that the first reaction was to notify the police of Quebec.

    The prime minister Philippe Couillard has also denounced the gesture, without reserve, on Wednesday morning, as he calls it disgusting and believes that it is an act of cowardice.

    For the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, this is a “heinous act” and ” unacceptable “.

    Mayor Régis Labeaume is about him remained silent, ” for security reasons “, on the threats to the mosque.


    This message of hate has come to the mosque two days before the referendum on the proposal to establish a muslim cemetery in Saint-Apollinaire. The community has decided, in order not to interfere with the democratic process, to silence the new. “They wanted to undermine the referendum. They had understood and decided not to play the game, ” said Mr Labidi.

    It is not the first message of hate to the mosque. But the violence of the latter has pushed the community to denounce them.

    “It is necessary that the society knows that there are people among them who can think as low as that. It is a small minority who are blinded by ideas that are conveyed by social media. There are misconceptions that fuel hatred. “

    The Pack in ” personal capacity “

    Meanwhile, the group “The Pack” has admitted that some members have been involved in the camp which opposed the presence of a muslim cemetery in Saint-Apollinaire, and this, in ” a personal capacity “.

    “But we, as a group, it is not because we did not have the same concerns as the citizens’ committee “, ensures the spokesperson of The Pack, Sylvain Brouillette.

    The spokesperson of the organization against radical islam has also strongly condemned the parcel hate posted to the mosque.

    — With the collaboration of Patrick Bellerose, Charles Lecavalier and Stephanie Martin

    Photo By Nicolas Lachance

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