Packaging of cannabis: “It is as if it was harmless!” according to senator Serge Joyal

News 20 March, 2018

    QMI agency

    Tuesday, 20 march 2018 15:52

    Tuesday, 20 march 2018 15:52

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    Even if he said he was rather satisfied with the packages offered on Monday by Health Canada for cannabis, senator Serge Joyal continues to have “concerns”.

    The liberal would like, in particular, that the symbol standard, consisting of a leaf of cannabis in the centre of an octagon of red that reminds me of a stop sign, includes a cross bar which should demonstrate the danger of the product”, he said in an interview with Mario Dumont in LCN, on Tuesday.

    “It is as if it was harmless, then what they want to report, what we want to convey to the consumer, is that it is a dangerous product, he said. As said the other : it is not a box of cereal for the children.”

    Mr. Joyal would also like a warning about the dangers of driving after having consumed marijuana to be listed on the “all packages”.

    “Inform young people that eating involves the acceptance of damage to the health, it only reaches the person who consumes,” he recalls. In the same way for a pregnant woman who would be led to want to consume cannabis, it is obvious that it will have impacts on the fetus, but it affects the situation of the consumer himself.”

    According to him, the “driving, the danger is to others, and it is he who is the most serious.”

    Senator quebecois also fears on the measures put in place that are designed to eliminate the organized crime in the cannabis market.