Palermo vs Vercelli live streaming free

Sport 25 September, 2017

Palermo vs Vercelli live streaming free
Forecast for the match Palermo – Vercelli

September 25, 2017 at 21:30, in the 6th round of the Italian Championship Series B match will take place at the stadium “Renzo Barbera” between Palermo and Vercelli.

Palermo vs Vercelli preview
Leaving the Italian Serie A after the last season, the plans of the team probably come down to the fact that Palermo in Serie B will not be delayed for long. So far, the results remain even without serious mistakes, yet in the matches played, Palermo lost points. Namely, between the victory in the 1st and the last round over Spica and Perugia, Palermo played a draw with Brescia, Empoli and Foggia. As a result, 9 points with a goal difference of 7: 4, leave the team on the 5th line in the standings.

Weak play in the attack, as well as unreliable defensive actions did not become a hindrance for Vercelli last season, and they successfully saved residence in the league, finishing in the bottom of the standings. Starting fights this season turned into a complete failure for Vercelli. Starting with the first round, Vercelli lost to Frosinone, Ascoli and Cremonese, and also tied with Brescia and Salernitana.

Until today, between these teams was not played a single match. I think that the difference in the class of Palermo and Vercelli is more than obvious. Palermo at home playing attacking football, and Vercelli for 2 matches away did not score a single goal. Bid: n1