Parents four years trying to “revive” a legally dead child In the World : Vladim

News 3 February, 2018

Nearly five years ago Jachi Macmath was diagnosed with “brain death” and legally the 13-year-old American died. Parents disagree with doctors and the laws of Auckland. Two years later they went to court. According to them, the daughter is alive: officially recognized dead, the sick child still responds to the voice of his mother, wiggles his fingers at her request.


In 2013, Jachi Macmath with his mother came to children’s hospital to do the surgery to remove the adenoids. The girl didn’t want to but mom insisted. The operation was in normal mode, but after started bleeding. By nightfall, the patient’s heart stopped. After resuscitation, the brain activity did not resume. After three days Jachi macmat the acknowledged dead.

Parents needed the help of law enforcement officers to take away the daughter to another state, to another clinic. They refused to turn off life support. Inexperienced in such matters, the lawyer volunteered for free to represent the interests of parents and girls in court. «A child whose heart beats more alive than dead“he said.

In 2014, about the incident he learned from the International Fund for brain research. They have conducted studies and found costs only to mother speak, Jachi change the heart rhythm. This does not happen when brain death. However, for the authorities of California, it remains dead. Parents continue to sue for his child’s life.