Parents outraged kids cartoon for bestiality : In the World : Vladim

News 13 January, 2018

One of worried parents were published in the microblogging network Twitter a screenshot from a cartoon for small children, in which the main character has committed a very suspicious activity with the lamb, reminiscent of lovemaking. Videos with hints of bestiality has excited the network.


The world web users were outraged by the improper actions that were performed by the hero of the animated children’s film called “Noddy”. According to the concerned father, he along with his son over Breakfast I watched this cartoon on TV and noticed a rather unusual action that the boy on the screen was doing with the sheep. From these actions was very similar to the sexual intercourse that led concerned parents to a screeching halt.


The man turned to the creators of the animated film with the request to explain what the cartoon character was going to do with a sheep, because such a sight is very doubtful suitable for morning viewing his two year old son.