Paris and Los Angeles will have the Games, but when?

Sport 11 July, 2017

Photo: Jean-Christophe Bott Associated Press
The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, and his counterpart of Paris, Anne Hidalgo

Paris will have the Games, Los Angeles also : the two cities are provided to organize the olympics in 2024 or 2028, and must now agree on the order of assignment, after the decision Tuesday by the international olympic committee (IOC).


The award fell after a vote of the IOC, which has endorsed the process of dual attribution. The 13 September in Lima, Paris and Los Angeles will be fixed on their fate.


On the dais shortly after the vote, the different protagonists of this game diplomatico-sportsman have displayed their relief, pushing carefully the questions on 2028.


Hand in hand, Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, and its counterpart of Los Angeles, democrat Eric Garcetti, are mounted to the podium to say “thank you” concert, framing Thomas Bach, IOC president.


All winners


An agreement as a ” win-win-win “, which remains to formalise, but which corresponds to the wishes issued from the month of march by the boss of the instance olympic, to avoid losing ” two excellent candidates “.


The 78 voting members of the IOC voted unanimously on show of hands in favor of this double attribution.


“Today is a great day for the olympic movement and for these two great olympic cities. We have laid the foundations on which we can build a win, win, win “(for the IOC and the two cities), has repeated Mr. Bach by sending her ” congratulations to the two cities “.


“This is an historic decision, according to me, added Mr. Garcetti. I know that I am sitting here in the presence of the mayors of the two cities that will host the Olympic games after Tokyo [in 2020], ” he added.


“I’m aware of to live with you a moment in history with this decision, which now allows for dual attribution and research three winners,” said Ms. Hidalgo.


“I have long thought before committing to my vile in this new application,” added the mayor of Paris, thanking the IOC president, which she described as ” visionary “.


“I am committed to put all my energy to reach this agreement for Paris to reconnect with this beautiful olympic adventure she has been waiting for 100 years “, stated the municipal official in paris. “We want to get back with the Olympic games “.


Before you run to the end of the press conference : “The Parisians, the French people know that we are here for this historic moment and that the Games will return to Paris “.


It is now time for the IOC and to the two towns to reach an agreement “tripartite” to decide the order of allocation of the Games in 2024 and 2028. “It is hard to see how such an agreement could not be found” commented a member of the IOC executive board, asked if Paris was the favourite for 2024 and Los Angeles to 2028, has acquiesced with a nod.


If no agreement is found, which seems very unlikely, the IOC will return a vote to the ” normal to award the olympic games 2024 “, and only 2024 so, said Mr Bach.




The negotiations that began “over several months between the two cities and the IOC,” according to another member, will continue. “The aim now is to discuss in particular the compensation paid to the city that will accept 2028, in particular for freezing of the sites originally planned for 2024,” added the member of the IOC.


While Rio 2014 had received official support of 1.5 billion USD, the city that will inherit the OJ 2024 is expected to receive us $ 1.7 billion, according to several sources, the aid could mechanically increase of 100 to 200 million USD to 2028.


Prior to this vote, Paris and Los Angeles have passed their “grand oral” to present their bid for the olympics 2024 in front of IOC members.


The French were accompanied by Emmanuel Macron, the real attraction is the media of the day on the shores of Lake Geneva.


His us counterpart, Donald Trump has not made the trip. He contented himself with a tweet at the end of the presentations, where there is no allusion to 2024: “[We] are working hard to get the Olympic games for the United States [L. A.]. To follow ! “.


The two men meet in France on Friday, on the occasion of the French national holiday of 14 July, where Donald Trump is the guest of the French president.


Seven people have taken the word to the French capital, which Emmanuel Macron, the triple olympic champion of canoe-kayak and is co-chair of the bid committee Tony Estanguet, the boxer Sarah Ourahmoune, vice-olympic champion in Rio, or the Nobel peace prize 2006, Muhammad Yunus.


Los Angeles had been the first to speak to the IOC, with as a VRP its mayor, Eric Garcetti, or the six-time olympic champion Allyson Felix.


The candidacy of Los Angeles “is not a question of money, ego, pride of America, or even winning or losing,” said Casey Wasserman, head of the nomination american, in front of the press.


The two presentations of 45 minutes were followed by a 30-minute exchange with 83 members of the IOC present.


“It is a question of serving the olympic movement well beyond 2024 […] to create new Games for a new era,” added Wasserman, seeming to once again open the door to an organization of the olympic games 2028.