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Entertainment, Techno 11 July, 2017


Paris Jackson is currently working on his career as a model and actress. However, it reportedly found love at the side of Trevor Donovan. A relationship that makes controversy because the actor is 20 years of age more than the daughter of the king of pop.

Paris Jackson was no longer a heart to take. The young woman who put an end to his relationship with Michael Snoddy has devoted his career since the month of February. The one that went from “girl” to “it-girl en vogue” would not have left indifferent a former actor of the series Beverly Hills 90210.

In fact, the young woman was spotted in Los Angeles hand in hand with the actor Trevor Donovan. The problem is that the artist who embodied the character of Teddy Montgomery was twenty more than his new girlfriend. A thing that would not have necessarily stopped Paris Jackson, whose former boyfriend was already eight more than it. No, what bothers her is that it would simply not be in a relationship with the said actor.

She has also reacted to the controversy on his Twitter account. The young actress says in a tweet now deleted : “You really need to relax. Holding hands is really something very common. “To bolster his argument, she added pictures of her holding the hand to several of his friends when they are hanging out.

Paris Jackson is not one of the celebrities who worry about ” what people might say ? “She has shown in fulfilling his underarm hair and his weight fluctuating, revealing a strapless XXL on the red carpet at the Met gala or even by posting a photo of herself, topless, on his account Instagram.

Paris Jackson, 19, appears to be in a new romance as she holds hands with 90210 actor Trevor Donovan, 38

— Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) July 10, 2017Paris Jackson

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