Parking on the street Boyer: Montréal will cancel about a hundred tickets

News 7 February, 2018
  • Sarah Daoust-Braun

    Wednesday, 7 February 2018 15:04

    Wednesday, 7 February 2018 15:06

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    Montreal has the intent to cancel the tickets a hundred motorists who had parked illegally with their vehicle on the edge of a bicycle path on Boyer street in November 2016.

    The 109 people who had already paid their fine on time will be reimbursed for a total of 5577 $.

    About 300 motorists had received in 2016 statements of offence in the series after the entry into force of a regulation winter. The former administration had accepted a few days later to cancel the ticket of those who had not yet paid.

    “We consider that the distribution of tickets had been made improperly,” said Wednesday the mayor Valérie Plant.