Passenger from Russia staged avialabel in Mexico : In the World : Vladim

News 21 January, 2018

The plane from the Mexican city of Cancun has arrived in the Moscow airport “Vnukovo” with a four-hour delay. The reason for this was aviados, hosted by a passenger from Russia.


It is noted that the conflict began during the passage of passengers customs control. One of the passengers was indignant, how long does the procedure. She expressed the emotions, do not hesitate neither the expression nor intonations. At first, her insults were addressed to airline, but after another passenger decided to stand up for carriers, intruder switched over to it. After everything calmed down, and on Board the air ship, they walked in peacefully, but by chance their seats were next door. There the women have continued the showdown, and words are not limited.

Subsequently, the police dropped both bullies. According to eyewitnesses, the fight was attended by brunette and blonde. The instigator was a dark-haired lady.

According to another version, the brunette lost original boarding pass and wanted to be allowed to Board without a ticket. In the end it is still allowed in the cabin, but there she had a fight with compatriots, and it came to a fight. According to other data, dropped only one girl, and her friend she asked to get off the flight. Anyway, the aircraft arrived in Moscow late.