Patrice Bernier will live out the last chapter of his childhood dream

Sport 19 October, 2017

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press
Patrice Bernier is a relatively serene as he prepares to close one chapter of his life.

Unlike many Quebecers, Patrice Bernier was not dreaming at the Stanley cup when he was young. He dreamed rather to the soccer world Cup.


Even if this goal could hardly have been achieved in Canada oscillates always around the 100th largest in the world, Bernier is relatively serene as he prepares to put an end to an important chapter of his life. There is one last lap around the track at Brossardois 38-year-old Sunday, when the Montreal Impact will host the Revolution from New England at stade Saputo.


“I talk every week and I’ve probably played the game in my head before playing it. Up here, every day is normal, but maybe it will be different Saturday, when I will be attending my last training session, explained Bernier earlier this week. My preparation is the same, but not quite. This is the last time that I repeat the same gestures. This is special. I am perhaps a bit nostalgic.

This is what I wanted to do since I was very small. This is the end of my childhood dream.
Patrice Bernier

This dream, Bernier has been formed by looking at the Canada participate in the world Cup of 1986 in Mexico. He has also to his father, John, and his uncles, all passionate about the round ball.


“I lived through the Stanley cup of the Canadian in 1993, but for me, it was the soccer,” said Bernier. It was the world Cup in 1986, with the achievements of Maradona. It took place in Mexico. It was not far. I saw the stadiums filled. It was what I wanted to do. I wanted to play in stadiums filled.


“In 15 years, I have played with the national team under 17 years of age at the world Cup, and it is here that I realized that I could aim for the pros. “


The course Bernier has led him to Syracuse, in the State of New York, Norway, Germany and Denmark. He has also toured the planet, playing in 56 games with the national team of Canada.


His return to Montreal in 2012 has enabled him to achieve the status of a local star, after a decade to evolve in a certain anonymity in Europe. He thus became an inspiration to a new generation of soccer players in quebec.


“I have a few friends that have also made career, including Olivier Occéan, who is in Norway, but we were not much, recalled Bernier. Perhaps I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of Quebecers assets at a certain time. Here, there are more of them. “


Her tone of voice becomes more fragile when he discusses the last game to come. “A lot of people have made this journey with me. My parents, my friends. We played in the street, in the park. It is imagined to be someone else, he told. There is also my wife, who has spent the last 20 years with me. She saw me become a professional. That career, it is mine, but it is also hers.


“I also think to me. This is what I wanted to do. I have managed and I’m glad. But there is an end. If I could play in a league paid for 38 years and more, I would ! It is more than a passion for me. “