Patrick Bruel refuses to spend an evening with Florian Philippot, the singer would prefer to be taking its cliques and slaps her – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 5 August, 2017


While attending a party on a beach of Saint-Tropez, Patrick Bruel has had the bad surprise to see Florian Philippot and two other members of the FN happen. Not ranchement delighted by this unexpected encounter with singer would have then left the scene.

Between Patrick Bruel and the FN, the war axe is not ready to be buried. Invited to the party of the owner Marcel Campion on Thursday 3 August in Saint-Tropez, for one of the evenings the most VIP of the summer, the singer would have seen the red light landed three members of the extreme right-wing party : Florian Philippot, the mayor of Fréjus, David Rachline, and the former candidate to the parliamentary elections Franck Delapersonne. Based on information from the Closer, the interpreter of the Café of delights was so angry that he would have ” taken its cliques and slaps her when he saw the face of the arm-right Marine Le Pen. Patrick Bruel might not have been the only one to book a bad reception to the three politicians who, after having tried in vain to mingle with the crowd, would have ended the evening alone at a table, complemented by our colleagues. Thomas Dutronc, also invited to the event, would have about him, whereas the trio is going to sing.

Between Bruel and the FN is an old story of hate. In 2014, Jean-Marie Le Pen was violently taken to the artist of the jewish faith by stating in a video that he ” fwould result in a batch. Of remarks that were deemed anti-semitic, for which the former party chief has been referred to the criminal court for ” incitement to racial hatred “. More recently, during the period between the two rounds of the presidential election, the lead singer of the Enfoirés signed a tribune calling for countering the FN in the voting Emmanuel Macron.


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