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News 15 February, 2018
  • Photo taken from Facebook

    Hugo Joncas and
    Félix Séguin

    Thursday, February 15, 2018 01:00

    Thursday, February 15, 2018 01:00

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    The two young women and the sixties in quebec which would have imported 95 kg of cocaine in Australia were part of a large-scale radio-controlled Montreal, involving at least 12 people in Quebec, Morocco, Mexico and Peru.

    Mélina Roberge, Isabelle Lagacé and André Tamine are in prison, in Sydney, but they would not have been that simple mules in this conspiracy alleged, carefully planned by a gang egyptian-syrian and the underworld of jewish metropolis, in collaboration with the infamous cartel mexican Sinaloa.

    Photo taken from Facebook

    According to our information, the pimp who allegedly recruited the two young women for the importation of cocaine was offered to Mélina Roberge the ring of several thousand dollars that she shows off in this photo, published on Facebook.

    Our Bureau of investigation has obtained the identity of individuals suspected of having mounted the operation, which was aborted with the arrest of three Quebec in August 2016 on board the cruise ship Sea Princess in the port of Sydney.

    We preserve their anonymity, since they are not the subject of charges. A police source australian fears that they are never worried. “There is one thing that should be taken for granted : the one who sent the drugs in here will probably never be stopped, nor the one who was to receive it “, said this source.

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    André Tamine, a sexagenarian, without history, has been arrested in the Sea Princess in Sydney, as the two young women.

    Supply chain montreal

    This evening at 19 p.m. to VAT, the issuance of the J. E. will present you with the details of the conspiracy as alleged, by the forces of law and order. Two criminal clans very discreet of Montreal would have worked hand in hand to organize the operation, according to our sources.

    First, a business man of Griffin 48-year-old seduced Roberge, 24 years younger than him. In January 2016, he has begun to talk to him about a trip to Australia, which could put an end to its financial troubles and allow him to fulfill one of his projects : the pay for this plastic surgery she had dreamed of.

    This individual, close to the underworld, montreal jewish, could be a pimp who controlled Roberge, according to the authorities.

    Photo taken from Facebook

    Roberge and Lagacé (on the photo) have published many images of their cruise around the world.

    Joined by our Bureau of investigation, the suspect confirms Roberge and Lagacé. He met with the police, but it does not have anything to do with the importation of cocaine into Australia.

    “When we saw it in the news, we were in shock,” said the man of business. I even spoke with the boyfriend of Isa and I was really sad for him because he was really in anguish because of it. “

    Meeting in Morocco

    The police is also interested to a French citizen for 31 years. It is he who would have taken the mules in hand, once recruited.

    According to the corporate registries of the Hexagon, this business man runs a small it company. On its website, the company gives three addresses, not only in Nice and Montreal, but also in Casablanca, Morocco.

    It is in this last city, that drug traffickers would be met with Roberge and Lagacé. According to the authorities, the brains of the conspiracy alleged to have arrested several of the details of the operation in Morocco. Roberge would be returned from this trip with 8000 euro (12 450 $) in his luggage.

    Lagacé has pleaded guilty to charges of importing a commercial quantity of cocaine. Roberge and Tamine, who have pleaded not guilty, will undergo a trial from the 26 February, in Sydney.

    – With the collaboration of Andrea Valeria

    ► Discover new details about the police investigation to the issue J. E., this evening at 19 p.m. on TVA.


    The 8 steps of the operation


    Drug lords

    Before giving the drug to the mules that would have recruited the underworld’s jewish, another clan montrealers would be responsible for extracting the cocaine from the cartel mexican of Sinaloa, one of the most powerful in the world.

    These drug traffickers come from the communities, syrian and egyptian of the metropolis. Their leaders live in Blainville and Laval and would be in contact with a Québécois installed in Guadalajara, Mexico. It is he who made the connection with suppliers in mexico, led by the infamous El Chapo, Joaquín Gúzman, until his arrest in January 2016.

    The boss of this clan montreal, aged 83, is regarded by the police as one of the main facilitators of the transaction in australia.

    On may 18, 2016, one of these men has met Melina Roberge at Café Souvenir in Outremont borough. Two days after, she landed at Casablanca to discuss with members of the organization, according to our sources.

    The same individual, aged 50, has been communicated repeatedly with André Tamine, the sexagenarian arrested on board the Sea Princess in Sydney, with two in Quebec.

    Rock Machine

    This gang egyptian-syrian who worked with the former Rock Machine Joseph Fluet, killed by bullets in Rigaud in December 2016. He also had contacts with Tamine.

    This clan was communicating also with two other Quebecers of 47 and 37 years who were also on board the Sea Princess. They were probably responsible to get in touch with the vendor peruvian and australian client, but the police has not apprehended.

    Australia could, however, ask for their extradition since their fingerprints were on the packages of cocaine.