PayPal decides in favour of the fraudster

News 16 March, 2018
  • Étienne Paré

    Friday, 16 march, 2018 20:14

    Friday, 16 march, 2018 20:14

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    A man of The Assumption, in short of legal means to attack the multinational PayPal to court after having lost more than 1500 $ to the result of a transaction which was not turned on eBay.

    Jocelyn Lafrance sold a lens used.

    “I was selling already at a loss. It was worth at least 2200 $ “, ” bring it t-it is about the events that occurred this summer.

    As recommended by eBay, the amateur photographer has gone through the PayPal system to ensure the agreement he had reached with its Italian buyer.

    It was beautiful and well received 1500 $ in his PayPal account, but, in accordance with the policy of the american giant, he could not collect the amount as long as the buyer had not confirmed having received the parcel.

    Complaint expensive

    “When he received the box, the buyer complained that the lens was not in it. He said to PayPal that I had filled with paper, ” says the one who has the habit of buying and selling on-line.

    On the invoice received by Canada Post at the time where he did send the famous package to Europe, and in which The Journal has obtained a copy, yet we may easily deduce that the lens was inside it.

    “It is marked that the package weighed almost three pounds. It would have had to put no to little close to the paper so that it weigh three pounds “, says the pensioner.

    But it was not enough to convince PayPal that will give reason to the Italian buyer a month later.

    “I don’t know what happened. Throughout the process, PayPal holds us to the gap. It is almost impossible to speak with an agent when you call down there, ” explains Mr. Lafrance.

    No comments

    PayPal has not wished to respond to the issues of the Journal.

    Jocelyn Lafrance, him, hands now at the small claims Court.

    “Not only I did not have my money for my lens, but I still had to pay the commission to eBay and PayPal “, he laments.

    The photography equipment is a gold mine for fraudsters.

    “It is easily resalable on the internet and at a big price, more “, comments Felix Morin, owner of Royal Photo.

    PayPal has always ruled in favor of her business when she had to deal with a buyer malicious.