PayPal transfer finally the$ 700 of her deceased husband

News 26 March, 2018
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    Marie-Eve Dumont

    Monday, 26 march 2018 22:53

    Monday, 26 march 2018 22:53

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    The 73-year old woman who was trying to recover from a year of the 700 $ left in the PayPal account of her deceased husband has finally recovered its money in the wake of the publication of his story in The Newspaper.

    “It is a miracle, I no longer believed,” says Claudette Larocque, who will be able to finally turn the page and finalize the estate of the husband, who died in march 2017.

    The septuagenarian alleged to have called over thirty times the company PayPal in addition to their having sent three times to more than a dozen documents to prove the death of her husband, without success.

    It is finally a few hours after the publication of the article in The Newspaper on Friday that the multinational company has finally transferred the money from her deceased husband in the PayPal account of Mrs Larocque.

    “I hurried to remove it to put it in my bank account, I don’t do them more confidence [to PayPal]. I would probably never have achieved anything if The Log had not been involved “, she says.

    Not the only one

    The situation of Ms. Larocque is far from being an isolated case, according to Jean-Claude Bataille, who has been working in web programming for over 20 years.

    This is why the entrepreneur has launched last week the site that allows you to centralize its digital information and to transmit it to designated beneficiaries upon his death.

    The site works by subscription of $ 24 per year. It is possible to appoint two protectors who will be responsible to initiate the process of transfer of information to the beneficiaries named by the person.

    It is possible to put all the data on all of our accounts and passwords of everything that is digital. You can also add photos, videos or letters to our loved ones.

    A protection system is also provided so that the person can block the process if it is triggered by error or by evil intent. The information is also ultra-protected, according to Mr. Battle, since the data is encrypted in addition to find themselves in a vault, not connected to the internet.

    “The goal is to provide a platform to simplify the lives of those who remain. The goal is not to replace the will, but the complement for the digital data. For physical goods, it is necessary to consult a notary “, recommends that the president of the laval company is also in discussion with the Chamber of notaries on these issues.