Pension plan: the blue collar workers of Montreal endorsed strongly the agreement-in-principle

News 27 August, 2017
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    Saturday, 26 August, 2017 15:12

    Saturday, 26 August, 2017 15:12

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    The blue collar workers of Montreal, have approved 97 % agreement on their pension plan established with the City last July during a special meeting held Saturday morning, at the Claude-Robillard sports complex.

    An agreement in principle had been reached between the trade Union of blue-collar workers gathered in Montréal (SCFP 301), and the City of Montreal on the 21st of July last, at the end of intense negotiations. It had to then be submitted and approved by the members of the collection to organize.

    “The Act 15 imposes a much too rigid that we restricted the negotiation of several aspects of the restructuring of the pension plan, explained Frantz Elie, responsible for pension plans for the Union of blue-collar workers gathered in Montreal.

    “Despite a difficult context which leaves no room for genuine negotiation, we managed to secure the pension plan 6,500 blue-collar workers.”

    The canadian Union of public employees (CUPE) continued its efforts to legal challenge of Law 15, adopted in December 2014, to declare to be unconstitutional.

    The union asks the court to restore the indexation of pensions of retirees and active participants. It also wishes to overturn the sharing of past shortfalls as well as any other measures having the effect of limiting the right to free bargaining.

    “Despite our good faith, the Law 15, has imposed a restructuring,” said Mr Elijah before discussing the negotiation of the agreement of 2012, which had introduced a stabilization fund.

    “At the time, all observers had hailed this regulation innovative, negotiated without coercion, without exceptional law. We didn’t need this Law, because we have demonstrated that the negotiation, it works, and we hope that the City will include the message during the next round of negotiations”, he concluded.

    CUPE has 115, 000 members in Québec and accounts for almost 70 % of all municipal employees in Quebec.