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Entertainment, Techno 5 August, 2017


Seven years before his encounter with Celine Dion, Pepe Munoz has been at the heart of a huge scandal in Spain. Recruited as a coach in a dance contest broadcast on channel Cuatro, the milf has been accused of holding homophobic statements against one of the participants.

Since it appears on the arms of Celine Dion, Pepe Munoz, Spanish dancer of 32 years, passionate about the tabloids. Some say they couple… And for good reason, he is the first man to be as close to the singer since the death of her husband Rene Angelil. But this sudden notoriety has not only advantages for him, since an old controversy about comes to the fore. While he was a juror in the talent show Spanish Fama revolution in 2010, the young man has been accused of homophobia to a dancer that he was too effeminate. “Man must dance like a man and woman as the woman. Otherwise, I’m going to see a show transsexual “, he said.

These words had at the time provoked the anger of the LGBT community in the iberian. In the Face of the growing scandal, Pepe Munoz had then used the good old tactic of the coaster, and had suddenly been in favour of rights of homosexuals on the social networks, where he used hashtags such as #gay, #proud or #out.

With the popularity of the young man, the controversy has re-emerged in the Spanish press. An advertisement which Pepe would have gone well… And if TMZ has denied the rumor of a liaison, explaining that this relationship was purely friendly and platonic, fans and observers of Celine Dion have noticed how much it had changed at his touch. Inseparable, never a day goes by without the dancer and the singer were photographed arm-in-arm at the exit of a hotel. Even more convincing : he is the only one to have allowed Celine to smile again. A joie de vivre that is reflected in her style a lot more daring and sexy. Has soon 50 years old, Celine Dion seems more fulfilling than ever… well, in her thigh-high boots in python.

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