Perche to selfie, external battery … The essential to the melty Future Awards 2017!

Techno 6 February, 2017

A few hours separate from the beginning of the ceremony of the melty Future Awards 2017. But before going to the Grand Rex, do not forget some accessories. Perche à selfie, external battery, personalized items … here is the must-have for any self-respecting fan!
The melty Future Awards 2017 is tonight, starting at 7 pm, at the Grand Rex in Paris. This ceremony that rewards young people who will tear everything apart during the current year will distinguish themselves with the presence of a beautiful skewer of stars. Amir, Matt Pokora, Colton Haynes and rayane bensetti will include the part . To be at the top tonight and enjoy every moment of the evening, you need a number of accessories. Do not stress, am the guide and you’ll be fine.
The selfie to perch itself as a must for any fan . Adaptable to most smartphones, it is absolutely necessary to have it in your bag or in your pocket for this evening that promises oufissime. There is nothing better than a group selfie with all our friends to fill our photo albums.
The external battery is part of the evening’s essential . Besides bringing your phone fully loaded, the external battery you will be vital to be able to take a max of selfies / videos and most importantly, share directly from the evening on your social networks.
If you’re a (small) geek, it’s time to bring back the 360 ​​camera that’s stuck in your closet. Given the backdrop of the Grand Rex and the celebrities will be on hand , this is the perfect opportunity to use it.