Personal data: of the responses expected of Facebook, according to Ralph Goodale

News 24 March, 2018
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    Saturday, 24 march 2018 15:21

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    OTTAWA – In the storm for several days, the giant Facebook is going to have to be more cooperative with governments on user data, believes the public Safety minister, Ralph Goodale.

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    “[Facebook] will have to respond to a very large number of very serious issues about the security of private data”, he said in an interview, according to CTV.

    The biggest social network of the planet is at the heart of a controversy since the revelations that the personal data of 50 million users of Facebook were used by the british company Cambridge Analytica for political purposes.

    In the aftermath, the office of the Commissioner for protection of privacy of Canada has announced the launch of an investigation to determine whether the personal information of Canadians have been touched by this story.

    The issue of cyber security should also be on the agenda of the next G7 summit Charlevoix, in June, as well as during the October meeting of the Group of five, better known as the “Five Eyes,” said Ralph Goodale.

    Remember that the boss of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has presented a public apology this week, acknowledging errors. The action of Facebook has also been violated.