Pfff easy to eliminate the black market in pot (part 3)

News 15 March, 2018
  • AFP
    To reduce the black market, the quebec Society of cannabis will deliver pot of quality and variety to consumers. Chances are, that the stores of the government will be more sober than the clinic Higher Path in California where cannabis recreational was legalized in January.

    Annabelle Blais

    Thursday, march 15, 2018 11:40

    Thursday, march 15, 2018 11:40

    Look at this article

    At the same time as the living room began to turn and where the desire to vomit was felt, my friend was asked if this situation could have been avoided if she had not chosen to watch the series Marseille after ingestion of cannabis oil purchased on an illegal site.

    By “situation” I mean badtrip.

    It was a far cry from Trainspotting, but does not prevent, she has feelé all weird for four hours. Giddy and anxious, not able to move the couch with season 1 of Marseille in the background (as one who has never been to hate watch addicted him cast the first stone).

    Me, I am asking if this situation could have been avoided by buying its oil to quebec Society in the cannabis (SQDC), the subsidiary of the SAQ, who sell the pot. Is it that the SQDC have offered him a better “support”? The seller is a bit paternalistic to say to her : “daughter, begins with the 15mg. No more. 50 mg, this is not a good idea, it’s not like the brownies.”

    Is it that the labels on the products could have been more clear and detailed? Is it that the problem is that it is fallen on a bad oil?

    I don’t know.

    The test of the quality
    All the experts agree that the quality, with the price and the availability of cannabis, will be decisive to reduce the black market. If the quality is the rendezvous, consumers will have more desire to go to the SQDC, for a price equivalent to or even slightly higher.

    When I speak of quality, I want to say several varieties of pot and different levels of THC. But I am also talking about a good customer service. With competent people who are familiar with the products.

    So the question is: is it that the government will wish to speak to consumers?

    Know how to talk to consumers
    These days, at the national Assembly where the draft law 157 on cannabis is studied, there is much discussion of the role of the future SQDC

    “The Company’s mission is to ensure the sale of cannabis in a perspective of protection of health, in order to integrate the consumers in the legal market of cannabis, and to maintain, without promoting the consumption of cannabis,” says the text.

    We understand that, unlike the SAQ, who must report the money in the coffers of the State, the SQDC will not have a performance target with maps Inspire to encourage to consume.

    Once that is said, it’s still a trade. Then it is necessary to at least try to answer a bit at the request of the client.

    “The provinces do not want to go talk to the consumers,” said Chris Lavin, of the firm of accounting and consulting MNP LLP, at a conference in the Lift cannabis expo in Vancouver in January.

    “They do not seek to improve the market, but to control it. When the provinces have all failed, this will be the people in the industry who will bring the solutions”, he added.

    The pot stronger
    Some resellers have asserted in the media that the black market is already ready to respond to the legalization by lowering its prices and offering the pot stronger.

    In a news report from Radio-Canada, a certain Melanie, dealeuse in the city centre of Montreal, said :

    “There is strong, the pot of the street…smoking pot, it is as much as if you smoked crack astheure. You hang there above ben stiff. You get large gaps.”

    At this time, I am told that some of the concepts of marketing beyond Melanie. And I congratulated the girl in the flower of 16 years that I have already been who has never wanted to buy weed to Berri because he was believed to be shot at Ajax.

    I think, perhaps wrongly, that the majority of consumers, who have the choice between the SQDC and the pot shot at cancer to Berri, will choose to buy the government.

    And to the question of the rate of THC is higher in the street, it remains to be seen. Currently found in the industry of medical cannabis 25% to 30%. It is strong enough, thank you.

    For the moment, the projects of federal and provincial legislation does not speak of limiting the rate. But the association of psychiatrists of Québec suggests to the provincial government to sell pot to a maximum of 15%, and 8% for the 18-to-21 years.

    Choices, choices and more choices

    By quality, we mean also the choice.

    Julien (name), a thirty-year-old who smoked since adolescence, has recently begun to supply the dispensaries illegal, which abounds on the web. My friend, the Snake-Mike me had already spoken. Julien wrote me last week saying how he was amazed by the variety of the products online.

    “The choice Annabelle!!! That of being able to choose my buzz… awake and more focused, to combat the pain and lessen the inflammation with a small buzz as a bonus… It means that my dealer shit can not in any case allow me to have a choice comparable…not even close… I am writing this small text under the influence of a famous blend king kush that helps to develop my creativity… and of course in improving anything about the spelling and syntax of my sentences.”

    I would point out here that I’ve corrected the message to Julien for ease of reading. As soon as I find a weed that helps to conjugate the past participle, I will sign Ju 😉

    Julien describes himself as a consumer geek. He is curious about the product and loves to discover. Some will say it is a poteux. But I prefer to say that it is the equivalent of the client to the SAQ, who frequent the space, cellar, section The must-sees and which tastes to all the tastings in-store.

    When I read Julian, I think that the competition of the SQDC this is not so much Melanie with her pot to scurvy to Berri. What are all the websites of clinics.


    Space pantry, Julien

    In short you will have noticed that in my last three tickets, to counter the black market, it should be a good price, a good distribution network, good product and good customer service.

    Simple, no ? Yes. But no.