Philippe Couillard does not believe in ufos, but…

News 19 December, 2017
  • The prime minister, Philippe Couillard

    Marie-Renée Grondin

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 16:30

    Tuesday, 19 December 2017 16:30

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    Although he does not believe in ufos, the prime minister Philippe Couillard believes that “extraterrestrial life” is “maybe” possible.

    At least that is what he said in an interview at the microphone of Richard Courchesne at KYK Radio X 97,7 FM, Monday.

    “Is this all that there is here in Quebec or Canada in a program of research of ufos ? Because we learned that in the United States, there is one “, and asked the co-host Alexandra Tremblay.

    “Not to my knowledge. You meet people sometimes that one has the impression that it is a ufo, but are we looking in the sky ? It, is another matter. Often, they have two legs ufos, “said Mr. Couillard, before adding jokingly that” there are in all walks of life. Maybe even in the media ! “

    During this interview, the prime minister has had the opportunity to answer many of the questions ” a bit left-field “, which has given rise to a moment of radio out of the ordinary that helped to get to know the man behind the politician.

    Most of the issues discussed had been chosen by the listeners of the antenna.

    Here are a few :

    On a personal level (not policy), what is it that you have asked father Christmas for this year ?

    Of the time. A bit of peace and quiet. I think I am going to get it. I have worked hard and I will be going with us to Saint-Félicien to spend some time then a little bit in the sun, but the key word is time.

    Is it that you have the time to shop for your Christmas gifts ?

    You will see me shopping with us because I buy local, by the way. You know, this year we decided, Suzanne and me, that was a nice gift. We are going to go to Florida together in the sun and it costs a bit expensive so it’s going to be this our Christmas gift.

    During the Holiday season, what [beer] microbrewery are you going to eat ?

    Me, I encourage, I buy local ! I repeat. With The Chouape, I have always in our home ! And, recently, I visited In Beemer to Roberval, qc. Really fun ! They will open soon a distillery. […] I encourage everyone to make it for the Holidays, buy local. The milk, at the grocery store we always have the choice. Encourage the most possible world among us […] there are just Nutrinor in my fridge.

    There are people who want you to take a position on the debate between the pie and the meat pie.

    No, no, look, for a moment ! There are just a meat pie. Pis there, I’m going to get into trouble, OK…

    It is that of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. Normally I would have just said the Lac-Saint-Jean, but I have the right to say it even if I am in the Saguenay ? Because Suzanne does it in an extraordinary way. This is the recipe of his mother, his grandmother, probably the mother of his grand-mother. And this is the recipe of the Lake.

    That’s what we call me when I was little, I grew up in Montreal, what we called the meat pie, ben here we call it the block to the meat, thin it with the minced meat inside. It is good, but it has nothing to do with the pie of the Lake.

    Do you put ketchup on your pie or you eat in nature ?

    There, I have another issue. Suzane likes to really, really not the ketchup. Really, really not. Here, we are talking about the Heinz ketchup, these cases. However, it makes me, even if she really doesn’t like it, the ketchup in the fruit. So I take it with fruit ketchup house. Worse I like it like that.

    Your favorite restaurant in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, and why ?

    Well listen, it depends on what you want to eat. Me, I love the new restaurant from chef Carl Murray, who opened it, what’s it called… Bistro MD. I’m gone already in 2-3 times and I find it really really well. […] Carl really does a good job in the north of the Lake. He had the kitchen to Val-Jalbert, and then also this restaurant that he has gone to Roberval, qc. One feels that he is dedicated to regional products. It, I like it a lot.

    When you were young, you see-you prime minister ?

    No. As for me, when I was in high school, I wanted to be an archaeologist. I was very interested in the story and I found it extraordinary that we can guess how the world was before just by looking at the ruins and the remains. Subsequently, I am very interested in the natural sciences and biology. My father was a biology professor also. It has as helped a little ! Pis, biology, health sciences, medicine, it happens somewhat naturally.

    Are you more hockey or speed skating ?

    I played hockey well well well long time. I find it hard now to know the players of the Canadian, as I am that less. But I played hockey very actively until 21-22 years old. […] I was a defender of classical. The washer on the tape. Not in the middle. In the corner, like it should. Cup the world in front of goal. You know, really not of extravagance, but it was fairly effective.

    What is your favorite series ? Do you have a series on Netflix ?

    This is not on Netflix, but it’s iron Throne. Games of Thrones. Here, I am well pissed off. I’m going to listen to it with Suzanne because she likes it a lot too, so I’m waiting for the French version so CD. Because it is not subscribed to the business. […] When it will come out in DVD, there is a lot of fun because you buy the 7th season, and we look at the season. I think that many of the world made it there, all of a sudden. I like it a lot this series.

    As prime minister, do you believe more in the return of the Expos or the Nordiques ?

    My heart would like to see the Nords come back. Look at what happened in the national League. Each time, one is disappointed. I began to….

    However, in practice, there is still a fairly good chance that the baseball return to Montreal, because Montreal is a city of baseball for decades. It has been demonstrated that it is capable of having a league team major. There are private interests.

    This is not the government and tax payers to fund it, but there are private interests who are very interested, then I think that may be happening.

    But I reassured everyone listening : we will not use public funds in there. My position here is simple. First, it takes the private sector to put the sub on the table, and then, if it’s paying off, I want taxpayers to have a share of the profits. I don’t want to just be there to fund, but it is not rendered there.

    Bad for hockey, I look at the latest news. Each time there is a team that is on the eve of moving, or could move, or you’re talking about an expansion, it looks like all the time that one passes to the side of the table each time. It was so much of a beautiful amphitheatre in Quebec city.

    Do you have any advice to give to those who have a cold at the moment ?

    Chicken broth. That’s it.