PHOTO – Capucine Anav soon to the theatre: “I’m going to have to push my limits, I have a lot of text to learn” – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


Questioned by Paris Match, Capucine Anav unveils the poster of his next piece of theatre, The bean Saturday night, and the scenes of this new project. For the former columnist of the Key not at my post, it is ” a real challenge “.

Of Key not at my post to the boards of the theatre, Capucine Anav tacking. After having left the show by Cyril Hanouna, she dedicated herself to comedy. She already plays in a web series that has proved a massive hit, Roommate, but a tent this time, the experience of the scene in The bean Saturday night, a piece of Eric Delcourt, scheduled from September at the Apollo theatre. The ex of Louis Sarkozy explained to Paris Match why she had accepted this challenge : “I wanted to renewal. My character in Key not at my post had done its time. Since early childhood, the theatre is my passion. I have received interesting proposals at the right time. The history of this piece and the humour that radiates from me enjoyed them. “

Capucine Anav is aware of the work that it will ask him : “I’m going to have to push my limits. I want the lead role so I have a lot of text to learn. Play multiple evenings per week in front of a different audience is also a real challenge. “If the jokes and the unexpected were always welcome on the set of TPMP, the requirement of the comedy does not allow for mistakes or approximations : “I put the pressure because I would not want to deceive replicas. But it is a positive stress : I’m going to give the best of myself !” The start of school, which is a busy one.

Capucine Anav

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