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Charlotte The Good has not kept the promise she had made to herself, as to the use of his account Instagram. The pretty brunette posted a picture of her in a black bikini, very sensual.

Charlotte Le Bon has surprised his fans on Thursday, August 3, on Instagram. If there’s a promise that the brunette and former miss Weather Canal + was made, at the time of opening his account in October 2013, it was not to reveal her naked figure, but rather of the sketches made in the course of his work as an illustrator. Yet, the stunning actress of Yves Saint Laurent has ended up around this own rule of modesty. “Me when I started : I’d never pictures of me in a bikini,”she posted with a sense of humor in the caption ofa snapshot on which she poses in a swimsuit just above a diving board.

But this is not the first time she made an exception. In fact, the young woman had already shared a snippet of a photo shoot in bikini suit very high-cut to show off her small bust and its fine morphology. It was in 2013 for the photographer Alexis Sevenier on a beach. On the other hand, the actress does not seem to have a complex to ask for advertising campaigns. She is known for several appearances for the luxury brand Shan in 2010 when she was 24 years old, as to Raise Magazine in 2011, and for the German edition of GQ pin-up in 2015. In September, however, it will be necessary to find another outfit for the presentation of his art exhibition, Pickle Melancholia to the Docks of Lyon.

Me when I started on instagram : I will NEVER post a picture of me in a bikini. Cut to : ( @alexissevenier)

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Charlotte The Good

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