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At the beginning of the years 2000, Halle Berry was the actress in vogue. Talented, its beauty is devastating and her perfect body did not leave insensitive, as evidenced by his role in Die another day, broadcast on France 3. Fifteen years later, at age 50, she has lost none of his sex appeal.

There where many other actresses are lost after having been a James Bond Girl, Halle Berry has really marked the spirits with her character Jinx in Die another day. It must be said that out of the water, sexy as hell in her bikini orange, nice nod to the legendary stage with Ursula Andress in the first 007, James Bond against Dr No, has remained in all memories. Just basking in her Oscar for best actress for her role in the shadow of hate, the former model stood in the face of Pierce Brosnan, a woman of character. It revealed at the same time its beauty insolent and its breathtaking curves to those who had not had the chance to discover them in Operation Swordfish , or the first X-Men.

Subsequently, Halle Berry followed up the films, sometimes making bad choices, but its developers have always known to put in value her beauty and her gorgeous body. For some time, the actress made the delight of the fans who follow it on Instagram by revealing very a lot of photos of it on the daily where it always appears as attractive and not hiding anything of its forms. 50 years ago, 15 years after Die another day, the time does not seem to have taken on Halle Berry. The proof is in the images in our slideshow.

Photo credits : Buchan/Shutterstock/SIPA

Halle Berry

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