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Entertainment, Techno 18 July, 2017


The american president Donald Trump gives his person to the campaign Made In America and becomes once again the laughing stock of the web.

While his son Donald Trump Jr is in the heart of a scandal linked to the support the russians in the campaign of his father, and that his figures of popularity are at its lowest, Donald Trump has been caught on camera behind the wheel of a fire truck in the framework of the week ” Made In America “, a campaign devoted to the productions 100% american. In fact, the truck in question was built in Wisconsin.

The camera captures an american president is reckless, and frankly delighted, to have fun behind the wheel of the big truck. ” Where is the fire ? Where is it ? Where is the fire ? “ there cabotiné for the cameras. Leaving his detractors care to divert his words and images.

It is not difficult, indeed, to imagine quantity of captions, humorous or appalled at the photos that give a glimpse of a president jubilant smile or mimicking a serious action, at the wheel of his truck and that seems to make here a real dream child.

Just a few days after his official trip to Europe, where he was welcomed by France with his wife Melania Trump, the us president, Donald Trump has the luxury of a new controversy. Is this really the time to play fireman ?

Today is the day Donald Trump truly became fireman

— Devin Delliquanti (@DevDell) July 17, 2017Donald TrumpMelania Trump

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