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The site just indignant the astronomical amount of meals between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump to the Eiffel Tower. Except that the information relayed is the result of a hoax fabricated by the site parodic

It is still a triumph for the sites, parody, and therefore a new blow to the credibility of those who take for granted their hoaxes. Fortunately, in the face of this flood of information parody that some take in the first degree, of the media as The World have created cells investigations to identify all the wrong information and therefore raise the alarm.

It is as well as the Décodex, a tool whose purpose is to enable internet users to verify the information circulating on the internet, and thus to “ find the rumors, exaggerations or distortions ” comes from wielding its salutary shield to stop the runaway on the Canvas caused by the site

This last one has just to write this Monday, July 17, that the dinner between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump at the Eiffel tower ” would have cost the bagatelle of 82 345 euros “. The information that we have to believe this site opinion close to the extreme right ” would have been communicated by the teams of Macron ” ; a text which also explains that the guests ” would not have sucked as ice “.

Except that all of this is, of course, that errors and excesses ; for the information relayed simply comes from the site’s satirical belgian Site that on July 15, has released ” incredible addition ” to the dinner between the two couples presidential. There is a false note in addition to obviously fanciful, on which one can read ” the Midas Armand de Brignac brut : 130 000,00 euros ” or ” 14 caps at 75 euros that the Sunday, July 16th, has released the cover by posting a fake tweet attributed to the Twitter account@TeamMacronPR where you could read it this time that ” the addition of real was 82 345 euros “. “We are pleased to know that the dinner cost only 82 345 euros, and not 154 953 euros “, have ironisé our belgian friends. An addition astronomical to a thousand places that offers TheJules Verne. Our confreres of the Point having recalled a result of this hoax is that the menu “experience ” is the most expensive restaurant and costs eur 230, – per guest and the assortment of six glasses of wine costs about 120 euros.

82 345 euros addition for the dinner at the Eiffel tower from @EmmanuelMacron and @realDonaldTrump ? It is false

— Set-top-boxes (@decodeurs) July 17, 2017Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump

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