PHOTO – Emmanuel Macron very well surrounded on the Tour de France : Fortunately, Bridget was not there at the Gala

Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017

president of the Republic

Visiting the Tour de France, the president of the Republic has been lent to you in good grace with the game of the souvenir photo… in the company of the hostesses of the tour.

This Wednesday, the president of the Republic went on the Tour de France. Already visited on the tour last year, when he was not even yet officially a candidate, it seems that Emmanuel Macron taste the charms of cycling.

The president of the Republic has made an arrival and very noticeable during the 17th stage of the competition, between La Mure and Serre-Chevalier, in the Alps. He followed the step from the car of the race director, Christian Prudhomme. Emmanuel Macron, during the visit of the tour traditional for the presidents of the Republic and instituted by Charles de Gaulle in 1960, played the game the cameras, shook the hands of the spectators and posed for a souvenir photo… in very good company. The president of the Republic, a wide smile on his lips, there appears surrounded by the famous hostesses of the Tour.

This photo, although innocent, but who would have been able to grind the teeth of Brigitte Macron, has been published by the official account of the Tour de France on the social network Twitter and commented as well ” Emmanuel Macron has won all the jerseys “. But the first lady does not have to worry : if Emmanuel Macron has won yesterday all the jerseys, it is she who won his heart long ago.

.@EmmanuelMacron won all the jerseys.

— The Tour de France (@Tour) July 19, 2017Emmanuel MacronBrigitte Trogneux

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