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A month ago, Amal Clooney was giving birth to twins. For their first outing, the couple brought him to the edge of lake Como in Italy. A perfect place to rest after a delivery, and enjoy being a family.

Already a month that Amal Clooney has given birth to Ella, and Alexander Clooney. George Clooney, who complained the parents of twins, and today is dad the happiest in the world. After that the grand-parents and the sister of the mother praised, the couple made their first official release with their little girls. And no matter how, private jet, please.

According to the website TMZ, Clooney and their two babies were spotted at the airport in Milan. The actor was seen getting off the plane with a baby basket in hand while the lawyer took care of the second. The couple made a stopover in Italy becauseit has a home at the edge of lake Como. There is nothing better to rejuvenate after childbirth. A beautiful place to Ella, and Alexander, who started the first moments of their life.

It is not known if George Clooney was accompanied by two body guards, that it would have incurred for the safety of his heirs. The actor seems to be at the peak of happiness. He would have spent a small fortune for the birth of his wife (he had booked a wing of the hospital), but also to prepare for his abode in london to accommodate children in the most optimal conditions. A real dad model.


George Clooney’s Twins Ballin’ Out on the Private Jet you 1 Month Bday

— TMZ (@TMZ) July 5, 2017George Clooney

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