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By posting on Tuesday a photo of his old identity card on his account Instagram, Florence Foresti is coming to collect almost 18,000 “likes” in two hours ; the reason for including the explanation that she has provided.

Florence Foresti is coming to light that we all have questioned : think about a society that prohibited smile on his identity papers ? “When it was allowed to smile. “, (” When it was allowed to smile “) thus wrote the comedian in the caption of the photo of his old identity card, released this Tuesday, July 11, on his account Instagram.


Document on which the native of Lyon appears as a teenager, the warm smile and the tousled hair. A sharing of memories that has obviously received a lot of comments benevolent. As some have pointed out its lovely ” head of a traitor ” with which “we want to make the 400 blows “; when others stopped on ” his roving rebel ” which reminds one of ” Mary at all costs “. And, in fact, emanates from this photo the filouterie that it will transform later on in humour ; a disposition of always smile to the life that moved some fans : “Keep your smile Florence, you are a woman, essential to our daily lives in this world of brutes ! “.


A smile that has never left the artist, 43-year-old although she was, in the past, the subject of an epic panic attacks. In fact, a few years ago, in an interview with Psychologie Magazine, she was assigned to have done 13 years of psychoanalysis : “I loved it, I was going there up to three times per week, I just shut down.


A compelling need to go through the couch to “overcome my panic attacks ” : I did not even scene. I was working in an office as a graphic designer and I started to have panic attacks that prevented me-literally-to live. I was 20 years old. When I say that the scene saved me, it is a little romantic, but not fake. When I went to my first course of dinner theater, I had a panic attack but the teacher demanded that I come on stage, and the crisis stopped. I realized that playing a character was the only way to evacuate the anxiety of death, anxiety.


Today, the actress has significantly reduced its analyses to better transcend its dizziness in the humour : “It is important to accept, but I don’t want that analysis kills all my neuroses. I don’t want too understand me to not lose my creativity.

When it was allowed to smile.

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