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Entertainment, Techno 18 July, 2017


During an event of the rodeo held last weekend, Justin Trudeau has made the acquaintance of a new-born individual. The son of a couple of syrian refugees, the baby has been named as the Prime minister. Her photographer has immortalized the moment.

The Prime minister is no longer the only one to call it Justin Trudeau. Last Saturday, during the Calgary Stampede, a rodeo, the head of State 45 years of age came to the meeting of spectators to greet them. One person in particular was marked. A small baby of two months was presented to him and the toddler is called : Justin Trudeau. He is the son of two syrian refugees, Afraa Hajj Hammoud and Muhammad Belal, welcome to Canada in February 2016.

In spite of the traditions in syria, the couple decided to call their toddler as the canadian Prime minister.It will be a great story because, between the names of arab and English first names, there is a big difference. In Syria, we give the boys the names of the parents, as one of my father or the father of my husband, but it is by gratitude to Justin Trudeau that we have named like him “, has detailed Afraa CBC.

As the great Justin Trudeau took the little Justin Trudeau in his arms, under the tender gaze of his mother, we see the new born to snuggle against the Prime minister, visibly comfortable with his namesake. The photographer of the head of State was fortunately present to immortalize this moment.

Perhaps will become-t-he a man as charismatic as the son of Pierre Trudeau. A baby who would fly almost the star at the head of the Liberal Party, as did his own son on the day of the 150 years of Canada.

.@JustinTrudeau puts Justin Trudeau Adam Bilal in #Calgary today. Background:

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