PHOTO – Kanye West is inlaid on the selfie of Kim Kardashian with her adorable dog Gala

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Kim Kardashian is a big fan of social networks. The starlet sharing every seconds of his life on the internet. Difficult for his relatives not to get caught up in a photo without wanting to be. Lately, the starlet has released a cliché very funny of her and her dog, with a husband not very discreet at the back.

Kim Kardashian has always liked to reveal her life on the internet. Each day, the star of reality tv is staged on the social networks. In its accounts, it applies to show of her photos particularly impeccable, where the starlet appears always to his advantage.

That which controls to the utmost his own image and exposes her body without default on the canvas had not really appreciated the photos of her on holiday in Mexico with a butt full of cellulite are revealed. Enervée, she had accused the photographer to have photoshoppé shots to his disadvantage.

Last July, a new setback for the star. Kim Kardashian had posted a sequence on Snapchat who had set fire to the canvas. People were believed to see in the background of the video, a white powder, skillfully prepared into fine lines, that looked like very strongly to cocaine.

When exposing each second of her life, it is difficult to provide any control. And lately, even her husband Kany West, seems to want to put a spoke in the wheels. While Kim Kardashian taking selfie with her dog, her husband appeared without warning in the background. A nice photobomb that the starlet is fun to share on his account Instagram.

When you’re trying to take a with purpose you’re photo bombed by your hubby

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