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Entertainment, Techno 15 July, 2017


Before taking over the reins of 19.45 on M6 on July 24, the presenter Ophelia Meunier enjoys a well-deserved vacation in Italy. The opportunity for the young woman to post pictures redolent with the sun, the ice and the sea.

From 24 July to 17 August, this is Ophelia Miller, who will present the 19.45, go you daily the information on M6. But before that, the moderator 29-year-old enjoys his holiday in Italy. And she does also enjoy his many fans by posting on the social network Instagram snapshots from a vacation in the sunny south. On one of them, the old model appears in a natural, no makeup, and still quite sublime. Users are not deceived since they cover from Ophelia Miller of compliments.

One who had confided to Tv ObsI don’t complain never be able to say that I am pretty. I will always take it as a compliment” must be touched by this outpouring of enthusiasm.

The young woman has, for the time being, not non-working and able to build a career of which leave speechless. After starting out as a fashion model and then a journalist on the Channel canal + (as a columnist of the show Le petit journal, The new edition and then as the anchor of the tv program ” The Tube), it has now put his bags on the M6 as the joker from the issuance of information 19.45 and presenter and deputy editor in chief of Zone interdite.

Ophelia Miller was proven long ago that in addition to its irreproachable figure, she had a head well full.

#hellosummer ☀️

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