PHOTO – Prince William: to talk to a veteran in a wheel chair, he imitates his mother, the princess Diana Gala

Entertainment, Techno 12 July, 2017


Prince William met veterans Tuesday, July 11, at Coningsby, a post from the british Royal Air Force, on the occasion of the 60 years of the Battle of britain. Like his mother princess Diana, William of Cambridge knows how to speak to people in a wheelchair.

Prince William has met with several veterans at Coningsby, a military base of the Royal Air Force, Tuesday 11 of July, on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Battle of britain. Many former military members who fought during the second world war are today in a wheelchair. Prince William was greeted by this putting at their height, very simply and in a dignified manner.

The father of George and Charlotte seems to have particularly hit it off with one of the veterans of the 99-year-old Ken Wilkinson. The two men were able to talk, face-to-face. The sequence is very moving that the prince William knelt and laid the hand on the hands of the old man recalls the memory of his mother, princess Diana. Considerate, Lady Di is decreasing so in order to discuss with people in wheelchairs. A picture of her was particularly marked : in 1991, when she had gone to the meeting of the elderly in palliative care in Toronto. It had appeared down at the height of an old lady in a sweater, shaking hands with a big smile on his face.

He acted by mimicry, in memory of the one he lost it too soon ? According to Rusty Waughan, a veteran 94-year-old heard by People : “it was so easy to talk with him, he was so charming“.

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