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Hervé Pierre, fashion designer and French, explained the hidden symbolism behind the dress that sported Melania Trump at the presidential dinner which was held on 13 July, at the Jules Verne.

Invited to Paris to celebrate the centenary of the entry into war of the United States, the couple Trump is first delivered to a guided tour of the Invalid, during which the american president has distinguished himself by a commentary questionable on the physics of Brigitte Macron, before ending the day with a dinner. And not only that, because the meal, including the menu has been carefully prepared by Emmanuel Macron, took place in the framework of the sumptuous Jules Verne, a restaurant located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

For the occasion, Melania Trump was dressed in a dress right habs. A symbol, as explained by the designer Hervé Pierre to Paris Match. “This dress is obviously a nod to the French flag, but it is more complex than that. If she had said to me : “Make me a dress blue white red, I would have blocked. It is found that she liked the white top, cream-me, the bottom blue, and for the waistband, the best color was the red. “The First Lady just said that she wanted a square neckline. It is, rounded on the angles. And she wanted a sleeveless dress. It is the summer.”

Brigitte or Melania : Who was the most stylish for the dinner at the restaurant Jules Verne?

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A successful bet, so for this French is not his first attempt with Melania Trump. It is, indeed, him who designed the dress she wore to prom inauguration of her husband. Since then, these two have not been on leave. “We see each other almost every week, about New York in general. I believe that I am a breath of fresh air for her, saw the news in America. I do not bother with questions on the reform of health insurance in the United States, about whom I strut, since I don’t make policy,” he confided.

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