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Entertainment, Techno 5 August, 2017


Always also active on social networks, the singer Tal has once again spoiled his fans and admirers by posting yet another photo of herself in a tiny bikini.

Tal goes on to panic Instagram. On holiday ” somewhere in the world “, the singer, recently the victim of a malaise after a concert, just share a new picture of her in a bikini with 620 000 subscribers. This time, it is at the edge of a swimming pool, a hot tub and a breathtaking setting that the beautiful brunette has decided to take the pose and reveal her dream silhouette. Conquered by the beauty of the landscape and that of their artist’s favorite, his fans could not help but send him an avalanche of compliments : “The most beautiful of anys “, “Canon in swimsuit” , “The decor is beautiful, the girl too , “one can read in the comments.

If it appears periodically bare on the social networks, the singer of 27 years is like many young women her age complexed.On the photos, one has the impression that I have a perfect body but he need to see me in a bathing suit !” she said to the Woman Present in the month of April, explaining that she was having “a bit of cellulite” . Fortunately, Tal assumes fully its complex and its small imperfections : “I have understood that we can feel and be sexy, without falling in the vulgarity.

Somewhere in the world with a breathtaking view

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Photo credits : Dominique Agius / Bestimage


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