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Amel Bent has shared a new photo of her daughter, Sofia, on the social networks. Born there a little over a year now, the child already seems to have inherited from his mother in particular for her hair ebony, and flexible.

My everything “. It is like this Amel Bent described his daughter, Sofia, that she had in February 2016. The singer regularly posts pictures of his little angel on his account Instagram. This 2 August, the young woman has just posted a snapshot of his daughter, who seems to be just out of the water. A holiday photo summer, which delights its subscribers. All attest that her daughter, who already have beautiful brunette hair, takes after her mother.

Very proud of her child, the chateuse does not skimp on the means to fill his little princess. And princess this is the case. For the 1 year of her little bundle of joy, she had ordered a cake exceptional Debo Gato baking. This impressive dessert, in the shape of a cake, was in the likeness of Belle in the animated beauty and The Beast. That same day, Amel Bent was dressed in a beautiful gown in yellow silk , in reference to the dress that the princess wears at the time of the dance with the Beast.

Becoming a mother seems to have been a revelation for the singer who seems to be in an olympic form. Thinned, back for the concert of the Enfoirés, she is shown smiling in his size mannequin. While many saw signs of ill-being, the mother of 32 years must, above all, his physical evolution in the sport. Regularly, she has begun her workouts of boxing, coached by Brahim Asloum, our boxing champion. She has also posted a video showing it in full exercise, silencing the rumours of depression or anorexia.

☀️SUMMER ☀️#myeverything

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