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Youngest sisters of the family Jenner-Kardashian, Kylie, 19, has just broken Instagram by posting two pictures likés to more than one million times in just one hour.

There are less than twenty-four hours, Kylie Jenner posted two photos on his account Instagram. On each of the shots, the young model poses sitting on a comfortable chair, wearing a simple outfit, a white, figure-hugging, no bra underneath. Head slightly inclined, it sets the goal while the rays of the sun illuminate her face in a soft warmth. If this image, as sexy as it is, may seem trivial at first glance, she has yet to shake off the Canvas. In less than an hour, each of the pictures has been liked over a million times. A number multiplied by three after less than twenty-four hours. As the saying goes, Kylie Jenner comes, therefore, from the top of its 19 years, breaking the internet or, at least, Instagram.

Up here, the palm of theInternet Breaking regularly returned to the half-sister of Kylie, Kim Kardashian. It must be said that the wife of Kanye West owes its fame to the internet. It is thanks to the online publication of one of her sex tapes that the young woman became a influenceuse followed across the world. In a few years, Kim Kardashian has broken the internet through a photo shoot with renowned photographer Jean-Paul Goude, the launch of a series of émojis to its effigy and of a group of nude photos published on Instagram. A model that Kylie Jenner seems to have wanted to emulate. In recent months, the young woman has published numerous shots on social networks, always going further and revealing, for example, a piercing on one of his nipples. A winning strategy if we are to believe the recent success of the young adults and the staggering amount of internet users who have subscribed to his account: 96 million people to this day. A constantly changing number.

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