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Sharon Stone starts to move up again the web by posting a photo of herself in a swimsuit on his account Instagram. At 59 years old, the star of Basic Instinct keeps the body of your dreams.

Sharon Stone never leaves the web indifferent. To each photo posted to the actress, the web ignites and the admiration of his fans explodes in the comments. In march 2017, on the occasion of her birthday, she had already created the surprise by posting a photo of a very sexy her on his account Instagram. By the sea, on the sand, she appears in a very light dress wet. The star of Basic Instinct shows that time has no grip on his body.

On the 30th of June last, it reiterates the experience by posting a photograph of it in black and white. You see, moulded in a body, taking the pose with the air of femme fatale that suits him so well. The new photo released this time under the sign of summer and holidays. Sharon Stone is lying on a pavement, in a bikini blue sky. You can see a body still as carved and pulpy. And the comments are unanimous :”Really beautiful” , “Magnificent!!!! “or still “Still beautiful“.

This mother with a perfect body has recently received an award for the mom of the year in Beverly Hills. A certain revenge on life for the actress, 59 years of age, who was unfortunately not able to have children naturally. After several miscarriages , the actress has adopted three children : Roan in 2000, Laird in 2005 and Quinn in 2006.

Summer attitude. ( : @pricearana)

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