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It was already 17 years old. Alizée was know with Me… Lolita, thanks to Mylène Farmer. Taking a swing of nostalgia, the singer shared a few shots before the secrets of the times spent with his eldest.

There are meetings that chamboulent a life… It was 17 years ago. Thank you Mr. Love U. ” just a few words in photos, but so much love and gratitude. This Monday, July 4, a month after his wedding anniversary, Alizée in celebrating another particular good : that of the output of Moi… Lolita, the song that made her a star. In 2000, she was only 16 years old and finds himself propelled to the top of the top 50 with this song written by Mylène Farmer and composed by Laurent Boutonnat – they had both spotted a result of their participation in the program Seed of stars on M6, while they were looking for a young voice for their new project.


If a 17-year-old Alizée has defeated musically the influence of Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat, she hasn’t forgotten what they have brought. So to celebrate this anniversary the single, the singer has shared on the social networks, surprising photographs, where we see her sitting on the grass with his eldest. Hugs and laughter are waiting for you. Alizée has also put online a photo of one of his first passages tv – the opportunity to rediscover her outfit fetish of the time, so that it has since considerably changed style. What certainly entertain his daughter Annily, which she is very close.


There are meetings that chamboulent a life…It was 17 years ago Thank you Mr. Love U #moilolita #anniversary #memories #love #mylenefarmer #mercimylenepourlesphotos

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Happy 17 “Moi Lolita” for #onceuponatime #4juillet2000 #17 #anniversary #Lolita

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