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Entertainment, Techno 16 July, 2017


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Beyoncé gave birth last June 12 of her twins, Rumi, and Sir. For its first public release, a month after that, it displays a plastic superb.

Music Superstar, Beyonce appears flawless and sublime in each of his appearances. If she has published throughout his recent pregnancy pictures beautiful and sexy, she was ready to return to the front of the stage as soon as possible and with a perfect body. For her first public appearance, where we can see it out of the studios of Mack Sennett in Los Angeles, last July 14 with her husband Jay-Z, the singer chose an outfit cream which stresses its silhouette is found and his buxom young mother, and is perched on high heels with platform.

A source close to the singer has announced a few days ago, that Beyoncé, with the assistance of a sports coach and a strict diet, had already lost 13 kilos after the birth of the 12th June last.

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