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The teenager of 19 years did not hesitate to post on Instagram pictures of less and less wise.

Camille Gottlieb is the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco and her former bodyguard Jean-Raymond Gottlieb. The young woman, who is not legitimate the succession to the throne of Monaco because his parents were never married, just turned 19 years old, on July 15.

One that is very close to her half-sister, Pauline Ducruet, pointed out by her outfits sometimes daring, his tattoos and his daily ado bling bling.

To Instagram, and the delight of its many fans, the young woman dares the bikini of white, short skirts, thigh-high boots in leather, self portrait with naked shoulder, the make-up marked and the lippe sulky. It is not known how the princely family of Monaco had become aware of the teenager on the social networks, between glitter and parties. Camille Gottlieb seems, it very well live the life of a rich heiress : ” Nothing to do with your comment “ has she already responded to her detractors.

The Rock has already experienced its share of scandals and has always accommodated modernity. Camille and Pauline, his half-sister, seem more than ever to reflect on this image of two young women in the air time, who are having fun and take in defiance of evil tongues. And they could well be wrong to not enjoy it.

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Cry me a river, it’s not over

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Morning piggy

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