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Entertainment, Techno 19 July, 2017


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Has soon 50 years old, determined to continue his life as would have wanted his René, it has never been so sexy and bold. On stage, as in the city. At his side, a fop stands out… Zoom.

Sitting backwards on a chair cabaret, bent to excess, just dressed in a combination of black lace and light blue, she waits. Accompanied by the first notes of the title to The Ballet, written by Jean-Jacques Goldman, he comes forward, grabs her legs and straightens with force… For about ten minutes, they simply will not stop touching, hugging and hugging. In the pit, and among the ranks of spectators, it is a shock wave, the performance erotic, jaw dropping. On stage, Celine Dion does not think that the symbolism of this dance number ; it mimics an alarm clock, a return to life and to the sensual pleasures, after the time of mourning…

Nothing, nor anyone will never erase René Angélil, her Pygmalion and her man for over 30 years. But 49-year-old Céline knows that she must now rely on other arm. Those of his dancer are quite muscular for his body gyrates, leaps and exults. The fop has the false air of Patrick Swayze, but he is called Pepe Munoz , and grew up under the sun of Malaga, south of Spain.

If he dances like a faun, the beautiful blonde of 32 years is no less agile in front of a sheet of paper. Illustrator of fashion when it puts on its slippers of dance, ” Pepito “, as he is nicknamed, has already proven to be a pretty blow of pencil for fashion magazines such as The Rakish Gent or Vogue.

The encounter with Celine has made to Las Vegas, by the intermediary of another dancer : the wife of the butler of the singer. If the curriculum vitae of Munoz held a number of prestigious professional experiences, the show Zumanity designed by Manfred Thierry Mugler and Cirque du Soleil, the musical Cats by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Trevor Nunn, the smile and the good mood of the hidalgo have been his best passports to integrate the european tour of the diva in quebec.

Of passage in Paris, at the beginning of July, the star and her dancer took advantage of the Fashion Week. We have been able to discover their gestures and glances, in particular during the presentation of the latest creations of Giambattista Valli. Olé !

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