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Christophe Maé and Nadège Sarron were married Thursday, June 29. Who is the woman who shares the life of the singer for 13 years, mother of his two children ?

She told him “yes ” Thursday, June 29, at the town hall of Porto-Vecchio, in Corsica. Nadège Sarron and Christophe Maé have united their destinies last weekend after 13 years of shared life and love, as revealed by our colleagues Here. Their children, the little Jules and little Marcel, immersed in a world of art. The dad is the lead singer of the successful author of 6 albums. The mom is a professional dancer.

Nadège Sarron, 39 years old, a native of nearby Aix-en-Provence, is a dancer for 7 years. Holder of the gold medal of the French Federation of dance in 2003 in the category ” Trio “, Nadège Sarron has participated in many competitions. She crosses the path of the dashing Christophe Maé in 2004, at the time of the musical The Sun King. Four years later, Jules was born, and Marcel, 2013. The happiness is at its height when, in 2016, the lovebirds decide to take the plunge and get engaged.

Today, Nadège Sarron operates a school of dance which she founded in Aix-en-Provence, where she lives with the two boys. Christophe Maé works half the week in Paris, and reunited with his family sweetheart the rest of the time in the South. The ballerina and the singer unite their talents and this gives rise to poignant moments of sharing. Nadège Sarron, for example, has danced on The doll live for her husband.

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