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Entertainment, Techno 11 July, 2017


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Emmanuel and Bridget Macron have made a strong impression during their arrival at Lausanne, for the official presentation of the Paris bid for Olympic Games 2024. The couple, in charge of carrying the colors of France during this event capital, appeared elegant and smiling. The president and first lady have even opted for outfits assorted, of the best effect…

Kick-off of the operation seduction. Monday, July 10, Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, went to Lausanne, Switzerland, to attend the presentation of the candidature of Paris for the Olympic Games of 2024. A capital event, which takes place over several days, and during which the presidential couple must deploy all its charm.

Embody the style, elegance and modernity to the French ? Nothing more easy for Emmanuel and Bridget, who have already conquered a good part of the international press during their previous trips.

To leave nothing to chance, the first lady, which we know now the appetite for the mode, has carefully chosen her outfit. On Monday, she appeared dressed d’a ‘ all black and white. A very good choice, especially as she was accompanied by her husband, also strong, elegant in black suit and white shirt. A harmony that was not able to escape to the members of the demanding International Olympic Committee (IOC), responsible to decide on the candidate cities. On the group photo, it’s simple : the couple radiates. Smiling, companionable and very classes, they will attract all the look at. With such ambassadors, it is no doubt : the application from English to French an asset additional non-negligible.

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