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Good news for Frédéric Chau, the actor That is what we did in the good god, in his character of Chao Ling. The comedian franco-vietnamese became a dad this weekend.

Frédéric Chau seems to have a hectic life, especially since the release of That is what we did in the good god with Chantal Lauby and Christian clavier in 2014, more than ten years after his training at the space Swamp with Michel Boutier and a few appearances on the legendary stage of the Jamel Comedy Club in Paris. Happy of the film that propelled his career, it can also, in parallel to carrying out in the course ofA step towards it,be proud of the birth of his first child with his girlfriend, the actress Romanesque Portal ( The son of John).

A baby born in the night of Saturday 8 to Sunday 9 July, as the actor of 40 years says it on the social networks Twitter and Instagram with the photo of a small ensemble and his little bed at the hospital. This event was not, however, a surprise for its fans. Last march 31, he had made his announcement, posting a snapshot of the round belly of his wife, lying in the sofa in the home. He is swimming in full happiness, and we understand that. As for the sequel to the comedy hit that propelled him into the hearts of the French, she could be out in theaters by 2018, but the timeline, as confirmed by the director Philippe de Chauveron with Europe 1 in last February, is in the process of writing.

Oh the cliché…

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Happiness ❤️

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