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Ilona Smet, the daughter of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefebure, unveils her gorgeous body on Instagram. The mannequin holiday in Bali poses wearing a simple triangle bikini to microscopic and warms up the Canvas.

In the series : “bikini sexy on a beach of dream “, Ilona Smet defies the competition. The daughter of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefebure comes to share several photos from her holiday in Bali on his account Instagram. Triangle Bikini black mini mini in the top and bottom, the top young does not hide almost nothing of its slender body and end.

On the beaches of Indonesia to the setting sun, in the shadows of the wooden houses of the island of Bali, Ilona poses, lascivious, to the delight of his fans who are confused by compliments : “Beautiful “, “What pace” , “A bomb “, “very beautiful“. Like other ” girls “, Ilona Smet, 22 years old, did not have cold eyes and dare the sexy pictures on social networks.

The one that looks increasingly like his father, however, has inherited the grace of his mother, the former model, muse Mixa, Estelle Lefébure. In January, ms. dougherty has fashion show for collection spring-summer of 2017 Jean Paul Gaultier. His first steps in the middle of modeling are very well spent. Encouraged by her mother, who has great confidence in her and her grandmother, Sylvie Vartan, who has always provided good advice, Ilona began a beautiful career top-model.

Golden hour

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Good morning

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Ilona Smet

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