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Entertainment, Techno 17 July, 2017


Single… but not alone ! Back in New York, Iris Mittenaere is left of France very well accompanied.

Iris Mittenaere is back in New York. If she did everything to stay longer as possible in France with her friends, he had to end his vacation and return to his occupation of Miss Universe. It does, however, not only one : although she is now single, she has found a new companion. Very proud, she has presented to its subscribers on his account Instagram, before taking the plane… and appreciate it so much that she made a second picture, once we got home, where you can see it on his bed.

A rabbit. A bunny giant plush : it is with this animal that Iris Mittenaere returned to New York less lonely than it was a part of.”It is gone !! The great adventure for my new sweetie” , was commenting on the photograph taken in the aircraft. “Welcome home, my love , “she added once her new companion installed cozily in her bedroom. Miss Universe seems to be very pleased and especially enthusiastic to share his bed with this newcomer, which takes yet a sacred place. For the moment, Iris Mittenaere has not disclosed the name of her new teddy or even where it comes from, but there is no doubt that it will soon share its adventures with the rabbit plush.


Iris Mittenaere

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