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After going to Poland, prince William and Kate Middleton continued their diplomatic tour of europe. They made a stop in Berlin to meet Angela Merkel. In the background, the desire to improve the image of the british crown after the Brexit.

For this diplomatic visit in Germany, the princely couple arrived simply by plane to Berlin around 12 hours. The duke of Cambridge William and his wife Kate Middleton were accompanied by the princess Charlotte and prince George. Too cute, they have still stolen the spotlight from their parents on the airport tarmac as they have already done in Poland.

Considered by the Süddeusche Zeitung as the”secret weapon” of Queen Elizabeth II, the couple is “generation to the offensive charm ” as like to comment on the tv channels in German. This small tour of some european countries is analysed by the media as a way to burnish the image of the british crown after the vote in the Brexit in June 2016. The German media have been as far as to call the color “blue Europe ” of the dress of princess Kate upon her arrival on the territory of the germanic. Officially, the spouses celebrate just the bilateral relations between the countries of Europe and the Crown.

The duke and duchess of Cambridge will remain in Germany until Friday, 21 July, alternating between a reception protocol and cultural visits. The couple attends many events, often mundane, such as when one has caught a glimpse of a very complicit with the coronation of Roger Federer at Wimbledon.


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