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Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017

royal family of England

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For a garden party organized in honor of the birthday of queen Elizabeth II in the gardens of the british embassy in Berlin, Kate Middleton chose a dress that is still talking about it.

Kate Middleton, whose outfits are always very widely commented on, has once again created the event with a red dress bouffante Alexander McQueen that showed her bare shoulders at a garden party in Berlin.

After ironisé on her outfits ” blue Europe “, that will think of the German press of this choice, which is decidedly not political but aesthetic ?

Official visit to Poland and Germany, the royal couple has carried out in the company of George and Charlotte a mini-european tour of several days, wrapping the visits, meetings and events, centered, according to Kensington Palace on “the cultural wealth and geographical range of the two countries, of Shakespearean Theatre in Gdansk to the shores of the Neckar”. It was during a garden party held in the gardens of the british embassy in Berlin in honor of the birthday of queen Elizabeth II that Kate has worn this dress to the summer, given the time and opportunity. A dress that fits to perfection with the new hair cut of the duchess of Cambridge, to the shoulders.

Her outfit was accessorised with a pair of sandals at Prada and a pair of earrings red Simone Rocha. As very often with outfits of Kate Middleton, the Alexander McQueen dress is now out of stock.

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